Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Blow

Well, the Pats pulled it off in the last minute (literally). And they weren't the only one pulling it off. What the HAYULL was up with the Janet and Justin halftime show antics?!? Oh my Gawd! The whole halftime thing has got to where it sucks so bad it's not even worth watching. I guess they think that "surprises" like that will keep everyone interested. Forget about the lip-synching and half-hearted performances. And Beyonce really needs to stick to what she does best. The national anthem it is not. Aerosmith was great, as usual. And Josh Groban... my oh my that boy can SING! His was the best performance bar none. Well, other than Tom Brady's. The commercials weren't all they usually are either. The AOL/Orange County choppers one did crack me up. And the Bud Light dog trick one. And I liked the Pepsi one, but why not just let people download the songs, why must they buy Pepsi to get them? Oh yeah... marketing. Too bad Pepsi sucks. I'll stick with WinMX. But, the main purpose of it all was the game, and it was an excellent one. The Panthers did an awesome job and I thought they might have it there for a minute, but the Pats and their experience persevered.

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