Sunday, February 22, 2004

No witty title

Today has been a sad day. My father-in-law lost his battle with cancer. He fought long and hard, but in the end it wasn't enough. Our only consolation is that he is in a better place now. But, it isn't much when he has left behind so many who loved him at such an early age. It's hard to understand why God does the things he does. That's always been a major problem with me and religion. Why does He take a good person when there are so many bad ones wasting space on this Earth? And it's hard to try to explain why Grand-dad isn't with us anymore to my children. They don't know or care that he is in a better place and not sick and in pain anymore, they just know that they aren't ever going to get to see him or play with him again. They will understand someday, but it doesn't make it any easier NOW. For anyone of us really. His funeral is Tuesday and they want to go. It is going to be a hard day emotionally. But all we can do is get through it and try to understand. Life goes on. It will have a Grand-dad sized hole in it, but it does go on.

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