Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Good Gravy

So, what have I been doing lately other than leaving comments on other people's blogs about gravy?
Well, let's see...

running a temp for 3 weeks (or is it 4? I'm confused a lot, too.)

walking like I am 93 (or Lurch) (Seriously. I have to get a cane. But hey, it can double as a weapon to be used on rude louts!)

listening to my 3 year old sing "rain, rain, go to Spain" constantly (it's been raining for a week or so. Hello? This is Texas? Go away already!)

appointments for Medicaid and Social Security Disability (how many is this? 57?)

feuding with the evil apartment manager

being grateful that I got on the waiting list at those other apts months ago, even though I had no real plans to move yet

getting real plans to move

being stalked by my baby's daddy (why the hell do you think I wanted security gates? yeah, these here that don't work? real useful, thanks! that's why I'm moving somewhere where everything does work!)

crying every time I hear this fucking song (argh! why? why??)

reading a few good books (check them out sometime)

cursing a lot (nothing unusual there)

There's lots more, but isn't that enough? Stay tuned! There's more "Dazed of my Life" to come!