Sunday, February 15, 2004

More old drivel

spoken harshly, can cut like a knife, sear like the flame, and crush like an avalanche of stone. The empty ache caused can hurt for an eternity. The bitter pain can be unbearable. The endless lonely days and nights can cause those words to echo in the hollowness of your heart and mind.
Then, someone comes along with a few words of tenderness, hope, support. The hollowness if filled up like sunshine filling a dark cavern. Those words can give you a new reason to fight your battles and go on with life. A few words of inspiration can lift the spirits like a breeze blowing through the leaves.
It is my belief that words - though spoken in haste or carefully thought out - should not be spoken before the consequences are reviewed.
After all, what good are words of support or consolation if they are not really meant.
(circa 1989)


I remember when I called you,
Just wanting to talk.
You came right over.
Was talking all you wanted
Or was something else on your mind?
Sometime in the next few hours
My need to talk turned
Into a need for something else,
And then there was no need to talk.
But, now I want to talk again
And I don't have the nerve to call you
because I don't know if you'll come this time.
Do you want to talk?
(circa 1987)

Crying in the Night

I lay in bed at night
Crying myself to sleep
Knowing it isn't right.
I never knew my feelings for you
Could ever run so deep.
All those nights we spent together
In each others arms.
I thought that I could trust you,
That you would do me nor harm.
But there were others, too.
And I soon realized
That I could not keep you
All to myself.
But, that doesn't keep me from dreaming,
Crying in the night.
And now in my daily plight
I hope to have you
And have you without a fight.
Soon there will be no pain,
No crying in the night.
(circa 1985 or 6)

God, I was stupid. I don't guess much has changed.

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