Friday, February 27, 2004

Friday Five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear?
The last two perfumes I wore were Wish by Chopard and Sentiment by Escada. I generally don't wear the same perfume for more than one bottle. I either get tired of it or just want a change. Right now I want some Amor Amor by Cacharel or Intense by Hugo Boss. Anyone want to indulge me?

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex?
Herrera by Carolina Herrera, anything Hugo Boss.

3. What one smell can you not stomach?
My mom's perfume, that Pheremone crap.

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird?
Gasoline, mechanic shops.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Probably the same way I spend most weekends, in extreme boredom. Anyone want to unbore me?

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