Sunday, October 12, 2003

Say it, don't spray it

I am still suffering from the Plague. I've had many things to say this weekend, just haven't had the clarity of mind to get them down without sounding like any more of a lunatic than I already do. I have many words for what I think about our so-called medical professionals today. I could (and have) rant for days about that. I'll save that for later. I am so upset by this man's whole ordeal (read the post and work your way forward for the whole story) that I could just spit. No, I couldn't just spit. I DO spit! I spit on all the people who are the cause of things like that. Not only what he went through in the first place, but the reaction of people to his experience. Whether or not he is telling the truth, things exactly like that do happen and they happen because the people in this world today are for the most part stupid, selfish, hating, judgmental, trouble-making.... OK I am apparently not going to be able to keep from sinkin to their level right now so I'll save my full thoughts on this for another day. I'm not up to the whole First, Second and Fifth Amendment debate right now. Therefore, my attention must go back to where it should be... the football.

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