Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I look in your eyes
And see all the joy and pain
Of the years we shared.
I also catch a glimmer of tears
For what you're feeling now.

I want to reach out
And catch your hand in mine
To tell you I still care.
But, I seem to have no control.
I'm afraid that if I do
You'll see all the feelings
That are still there.

Yes, I still love you.
But, I feel in my heart
That if I don't leave you
And go on with my life,
All that I have planned
Will fall apart.

So, as we are standing
By the gate to my plane,
I finally find the courage
To reach out,
Although I sway,
And lay my hand against your cheek
As a final good-bye,
Pick up my bags,
And walk away.

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