Wednesday, October 08, 2003

In My Dreams

You were here in my dreams last night. But now, as the light of a new day awakens me I am slowly brought back to reality.
You're gone.
You're not here.
You're miles away from me.
I only have to close my eyes to see you, feel your breath upon my face and feel the touch of your hands upon my body. I don't understand this desperate loneliness when I think about not being able to touch you. My eyes open and where I felt warm and safe, I now feel cold and alone with the harsh realization that you are not really here with me. The months stretch out before me, long and desolate and I feel an ache because of the amount of time there has to be before I can hold and be held by you. I long for the days of laughter and conversation and the sweet ecstasy of the nights. Even though our time together has been short and tinged with the knowledge of the fact that there is much more than distance between us, I feel as if you have been in my life forever. Making you happy pleases me, and you bring out a feeling in me that I have never experienced. I enjoy your presence even if you are only nearby. But, for now, I will bide my time, and not think about the time that will pass before I can hold you.
Until then, I'll see you in my dreams.

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