Thursday, January 29, 2004

Cold Weather Conversations

trapshootinguytx: my nuts were frozen..i walked all over campus
trapshootinguytx: in like 25 degrees..with a wind chill of 12 and wind like a muther
b0rderline_fo0l: well uh cover em up next time
trapshootinguytx: i did, i had jeans
trapshootinguytx: and boxers
trapshootinguytx: i would keep a hand in my pants if i could, might look funny
b0rderline_fo0l: well if they were frozen obviously you need more
b0rderline_fo0l: long coat? crotch scarf? put a sock on it?
trapshootinguytx: crotch scarf?
b0rderline_fo0l: yes, haven't you heard of those?
trapshootinguytx: no i havent
trapshootinguytx: can u locate one for me?
b0rderline_fo0l: i can have my mom make you one
trapshootinguytx: does it cover the nuts too? lol
trapshootinguytx: does she need measurements?
trapshootinguytx: lol
b0rderline_fo0l: that would be the crotch, yes
trapshootinguytx: ok, goood
b0rderline_fo0l: no, they are pretty much one size fits all
trapshootinguytx: ok, does she make these a lot?
b0rderline_fo0l: she will now
trapshootinguytx: lol
trapshootinguytx: call her now
b0rderline_fo0l: it's gonna be a revolution
trapshootinguytx: lol
b0rderline_fo0l: ok, what color would you like?
trapshootinguytx: hmm
trapshootinguytx: green
b0rderline_fo0l: ok, i'm on it

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