Tuesday, January 18, 2005

second verse, same as the first

I guess by now y'all have figured out that I am all moved and have the 'net up and running again. I haven't really posted anything because all it would be is a bunch of bitching about having to move into a crappy house that I can't afford and the carpet having to be replaced and the horrible plumbing and etc. and so on. I've been here almost 3 weeks and it has been seriously hard going getting everything clean and up to anywhere near my standards. I've probably nitpicked the owner to death, but come on... if you have a house to rent, fix this shit BEFORE you try to rent it. They've had to replace carpet, two ceiling fans, electrical outlets and repaint stuff. The fucking dryer wasn't even vented out! I made them do that and clean up the mess. See... this is why no posting. I don't want to fill it up with ranting. I've almost got everything where I want it and am slowly getting things up on the walls and stuff. I had to rip down all the disgusting mini-blinds that were in here, so I am getting all of those replaced as I can. I'm putting up the matchstick bamboo blinds. The ones in the living room look great. They're called "green tea" and are almost the same shade as the carpet. Yes, pale green carpet. Ack. I didn't like it at first, but now that I have started decorating around it the color really blends. I have a lot of black and browns and darker greens and creams going on. The walls are white and it looks pretty decent so far. I'll have to post pics sometime.
Another reason I haven't posted is I haven't wanted to type. I burned my finger about a week ago and while the burned place is healed up, my finger is about to rot off from infection. Yeah, nice. You don't realize how much you use your pinkie (pinky?) until you can't. Let's see. How's the weather? heh Yeah, I'm out of material. (btw the weather is freaking cold here)

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