Friday, January 14, 2005

Excerpt from a Dear John Letter 2

Thanks for the mindfuck misery memories.


red clay said...

i hope the strike-thrus are yours.

Nina said...

yep, mine all mine

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina Letter,

Hmmmm? Mind-fuck? Misery? I didn't think I did or caused that, but its never too late, so here, I might as well have a go at some real miserable mindfucking: your cynical, bloody, and persecutory feelings are your Achille's heel and your worst enemy (and a pain in my ass). You won't do yourself justice so you lash out and blame everything, everyone, even life itself for your paralysis.

HMS Change, my dear, had lain firmly within your grasp for a long time. Someone once said, if your ship doesn't come, swim out to it. You are incredibly smart, and capable of greatness. Nevertheless, don't blame me for not making your life better, causing you pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil, cause that ain't my ball and chain and got enough of that shit already anyway.

Love, Dear John

PS. Thanks for the CD.

Nina said...

I asked if you wanted to be the pot or the kettle. I think you can be the kettle, because you're so good at spouting off. As usual, you have missed the point ENTIRELY. How?, you say. I could enumerate all the ways, but that falls under "If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand". You've never understood me, you've never really bothered to know me, therefore you can't love me as you say you do. If you did, you would have tried. You haven't figured out the whole unconditional thing, and you're not into me enough to try. I said I wouldn't enumerate, but there's #1. I don't blame you though. I blame me for believing you. I knew better. But, that still doesn't change the way I felt, and the way I feel. Unlike you, I was willing to take my chances. You've said yourself you're a coward. I'm not the only one who is paralyzed here. (reference excerpt 1) I'm not going to go into anymore of your psycho-babble about this, I'm not going to drag up things you've said and done, I'm through being a pain in your ass now. (reference the lyrics on the cd "and now I'm done with you")
Love, Nina
P.S. You're welcome. You can listen to it on the way to North Carolina and then burn the motherfucker for all I care.
P.S.S. Yes, you're not the only passive-aggressive one.

Anonymous said...

Well said, as always. This liar will now fuck off. Have fun in your wheelchair.

Nina said...

Again with the missing the point.