Thursday, January 27, 2005

Love Code

Today my son and I were leaving United after grocery shopping, and he found a folded up slip of paper laying in the parking lot. He hollered "It's a love note!" and picked it up. This is what it said -
(Steak on garlic)
Bread & reg bread
Sour cream
hair spray

The other side said -
instant lunch (soup isle)
Cheddar cheese
fire starter

He said "It's in secret code!" We had fun on the way home trying to decipher it.
What do y'all think it means?

Speaking of love, my favorite quote of the month (year, decade possibly) comes from the ever eloquent red clay -
"it just don't sound the same under obligation.
when you mean it, it'll come spilling out like churchbells.
heartfelt. pure. and they'll be able to hear it crosst town."

1 comment:

brandelion said...

obviously, this is a case of unrequited love and restraining orders. the "firestarter" is a dead give-away -- he's on his way, now, to burn down her house.