Wednesday, December 29, 2004

All this and the bubonic plague, too

Where were we? I forget. Let's start with this week. Short version.
Monday - Apt (short for apartment, by no means the word. pardon my lazy punctuation) Office Girl called and said she had spoken with Apt Office Bitch. Bitch said that I could stay here through the end of January as I had nowhere to go. She would take care of all the details. Whew, big sigh of relief, have another month to find somewhere. Lady called back about a house that I had talked to her about weeks ago, said that the person who was taking it wasn't, do I want to come look. So, just as a back-up plan I went to see and get the details. I've seen much worse, so I told her that if I didn't find an apt somewhere else I'd take it.
Tuesday - Bitch calls and says that she DID NOT say that I could stay through the end of January, that there was a miscommunication, that I DO NOT have a lease, therefore I have 3 days to get out blah blah blah. I said fucking nice miscommunication, what am I supposed to do, blah blah. She says I'll see you in court and hangs up. I throw a hissy fit then call and take the house. Call Bitch and tell her what she can do with herself and her apt complex.
Wednesday - Spend all day getting paperwork taken care of on house, changing over utilities and making arrangements with family for help moving Saturday.
Tomorrow I'm going over to the house to start cleaning ceiling fans, windows, etc. I'm having the carpets (ugh) cleaned Friday afternoon. Hopefully by Sunday I'll have everything moved over. It's going to be a huge mess as it's going to pretty much be "snatch and grab" pack and move. The phone and Dish Network should be hooked up Monday, but the DSL (YAY!! I'm getting DSL!!) won't be hooked up until the 6th, so internet communication will be nil until then. Anyone that needs/wants to get in contact with me has the digits, they aren't changing. If you want the new address, holler. If you want to help me move my crap, get your ass in gear already. Oh, hey, John... the house is only a few blocks from your work. *wink nudge*
Catch up with y'all around the 6th.

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