Sunday, December 28, 2003

Poor neglected little blog

It's a wonder it hasn't withered up and blown away. This is why I don't have houseplants. I wonder how my kids have survived?! I've been somewhat busy lately what with getting ready for Christmas (what little I did). Mostly I have just been a lazy ass and haven't wanted to post. I'd rather waste my time reading about everyone else's seemingly cool lives. I'm glad this year is almost over. I hope that next year will be a better one. It has to be. I was dreading Christmas really bad. I know it isn't about the presents and all, but tell my oldest two kids that. I haven't always been able to provide them with a huge Christmas, but it has always been really good stuff. This year my son came and crawled in bed with me Christmas morning. He woke me up and whispered to me "Mom, Santa came. He sure didn't leave much." I wanted to close my eyes and either cry or go back to sleep forever. One group present (a $35 DVD player from Walmart and a DVD) and one present each (a tshirt) just doesn't cut it. Yeah, yeah, I realize there are kids who got far less, and that there are kids who don't have parents or at least mothers who love them like I do my kids... and that their dad and step-mom and his mom more than compensated... but that isn't the point. I let them down. I want better for my kids. And I feel really bad that circumstances have been what they have been lately and this is the fallout. Well, enough of that. It's over and done and all I can do is hope that next year is better. How was y'all's Christmas? (Yes, that is too a word)

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