Saturday, November 08, 2003

and it sucks so bad my ears bled

So, I was watching the CMA's (yes, Country Music Awards) the other night for some reason. Mainly, the reason being that they said Norah Jones was going to be on so I HAD to check it out. Come to find out there is a tribute CD to Dolly Parton and she's one of the artists. Holy shit, y'all. They blew me away. I love them both, in case no one has noticed. I had to go to Walmart tonight and I was killing time, cuz you know... I have nothing better to do on Saturday night than hang out in Walmart... and I went by the music dept. to check out the CD and ended up buying it. HOLY SHIT, Y'ALL. As I've said before I am a Dolly fan from WAY back, I grew up listening to her and all of the other "old-time country" folks. As I sat and listened to this CD for the first time tonight I've waxed nostalgic, I've cried, I've been uplifted and a whole host of other emotions. That's why I love Dolly's music. And to hear it translated by other notable female artists....well...holy shit y'all. I've only bought like 4 CD's in as many years and this one was well worth it. I don't buy a lot of CD's because I usually only like one or two tracks on the whole thing. The ones I was compelled to buy were Enya, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones and this one obviously. While I was out there I noticed Sarah McLachlan has put out a new one, first one in like five years. Will be having to get that one soon. There are a couple of other full CD's I'd like to add to the collection, the new John Mayer for one (okay, for three because I need all of them) and a few others. Oh, and how could I forget Jonny Lang?!? If y'all haven't heard this kid yet, immediately DO SO! I had pirated most of it at one time and lost it in a computer crash so now I must go about it the legal way (damn the RIAA anyways). But this kid... gives the blues a whole new meaning. Ok, that is the news in music for today. I am going to go hit play again. (yes I have a remote but the batteries are dead, damn AA batteries to hell too)

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