Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What month is this?

This weather SUCKS! The first of May and I'm having to turn the HEAT on?? Normally by this time of the year we are already having to turn the A/C on. What is up with this crazy weather? Everyone else is all happy about it, they love the cold, blah blah. I say STFU people. I hate cold weather, it makes me hurt. And in case you can't tell that makes me a little bit bitchy. I'm finally over the sinus thing, after it got so bad that my jaws, teeth and the bones in my face were in excruciating pain.
I'm a little ticked off at my computer as well. I sat down in front of it the other morning and opened up Firefox and was like what the hell?!? Somehow it went crazy and changed my homepage and DELETED ALL MY FRIGGING BOOKMARKS! I finally uninstalled it and reinstalled it and found an old copy of the bookmark file. So, that left me with only losing, oh, I don't know... 100 or so of them? grrr If any of y'all know of anything I should be reading, let me know since I'm kind of lost here without my bookmarks.
My brother called today. He's been clearing off the family land. Being a packrat and a hoarder of junk tends to run in the family. My brother, however, didn't get that gene. He said so far he has hauled off 8 old refrigerators and freezers, 2 washers, 3 dryers, a water heater, at least 30 old 50 gallon drums and LORD knows what else from out there. I had forgotten that my grandfather used some of the old freezers for horse troughs and such. heh Repurposing at its best. He also mowed all of the land (I forget how many acres total, but it's a bunch) and said he uncovered trailers more junk when he did. I know it will look great when he's all done, but it's also kind of sad because that stuff has been there for so many years and it always reminds me of my Papaw. Course, I don't need that stuff to remember him. It will be nice to be able to see everything, the old buildings and such, without all the weeds and crap in the way. I don't ever want to go back there and live again, but it's home and it is a beautiful bit of land with a lot of great history. My great grandfather bought it from the Bureau of Indian Affairs many years ago. I can't say as how I like that the Indians lived there and were ran off, but there isn't anything I can do about that now other than honor the fact that they once called it home, too. The next time I go back I have to remember to go down into the back pasture and take some photos of the creek bed running from the river (the Brazos). There are some really cool carving in some of the rocks. I have always wondered who it was that put them there, and why.
Well, I seem to be running off on a tangent and can't think of any way to end it gracefully now, so I'll just leave it there. Adios.

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