Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Return of the Killer Hayfever

I just thought I was going to get away without being sick this spring. That's what I get for thinking. I had a big allergy flare-up over a week ago and it is still hanging strong. Headache, chest hurts, coughing, sneezing, eyes burn, I've blown my nose so much it and my top lip are raw. Oohhh, and let's not forget the fever blister. GRRRRR
Anyways, needless to say I haven't accomplished much. Well, other than running over a guy in the Dollar Store parking lot. Ok, not a guy, but a guy in his car. Dumb fucker shouldn't have pulled in behind me. Now I am having to fight with my insurance company and his insurance company. He walked into my insurance agency the day after it happened with an estimate for $800 and said "you can just cut me a check now". They were like.. uhhh, it doesn't exactly work that way, sir. The damn car isn't worth that much and there is no way that a dent the size of my pinky finger is going to cost that much to fix. Not to mention, it was just as much his fault as mine so I shouldn't have to pay. Yeah, let's not talk about that anymore. Hey, in the good news department, I finally got approved for my disability insurance. I can't believe it only took 6 months. I thought I was going to have to get a lawyer and fight them for years on it. Either I'm worse off than I thought healthwise, or I actually got lucky for once. So... yay! Monthly paycheck! and back pay! I cannot wait to get some furniture up in here. I really need to finish painting so it doesn't look all half-assed when I do get some new stuff. Anyone want to help? *pweaaassee with big puppy dog eyes* Yeah, that's what I thought, you assholes.
Speaking of assholes, I have been thinking about Brad (Willa's biological father) a whole lot here lately. Every guy I see looks like him, all that stuff. I don't know why either. I mean, it's not like there is any love involved like with John, who I think about from the time I get up to the time I go to bed about a million times. (obsessive much?) I guess I should get hold of him (Brad, that is) and see if everything is okay. Can't say why I would really care, but I'm just that kind of person. I won't be getting hold of John, as he obviously doesn't want anything to do with me. His loss. Right..soo.. I hear that key lime pie calling my name. Bye!

Edited to add: Yeah, I won't be checking in on Brad. I checked his profile. Fucking radar. I should have known.


red clay said...

this is a hilly post. up and down.

Nina said...

I have a hilly life.