Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Me and My Big Mouth

I've had a lifelong problem with fever blister, cold sores, whatever you want to call them... basically oral herpes. A friend of mine and I were visiting the other day and she had some cracks at the sides of her mouth brought on by stress. My outbreaks were always caused by stress, illness, severe pain or a temperature. This lead to me mentioning my problem and the fact that I haven't had an outbreak in years. I should have knocked on wood or something. Last week Jaron (the oldest kid and only boy for those who don't play along regularly) brought home some bug that involved running a temp. So add that to my stress and the constant pain I've been in lately with my hip and what do you get? Yep. The herpes monster is back and it's been saving up all this time for one doozy of a blister. It's huge and painful and disgusting. But! it gets better. Last night and earlier today my jaw and the side of my face have been feeling weird. I was rubbing my jawline this evening and came across a lump about the size of a pea, so it is affecting my glands as well. This was several hours ago and now my jaw is very puffed out and the entire side of my face is numbish. I'm hoping it resolves itself. If not I'm going to have to trek it to the ER, or see of the community clinic will see me and let me pay out the fee. Damn W and his shenanigans. I am trying to get back on Medicaid so I can get something done about my hips, but the State isn't going to help me and you have to jump through 9 kinds of hoops (fiery ones) to get the County to help. I guess maybe when I am rolling around in a wheelchair I might be able to get some help. That isn't looking to be too far off. One reason I haven't been posting much lately is I am in such bad pain that I can't sleep, can't get around and it's putting me in a really grouchy mood. I'm much too young to feel this damn old. Wish me luck and here's to hoping I don't have to throw a wobbly.


Lili said...

I really feel for you. I get bad cold sores too- as a matter of fact I am nursing a huge one that is covering most of the septum between my nostrils. Ow ow ow. It hurts like a b*tch, and better still, I look like a leper. You're not alone!

red clay said...

feel better.

Nina said...

thank you. i do. i don't look quite so hideous now.