Wednesday, August 04, 2004

10 steps to a perfect manicure (or pedicure)

Supplies: Bowl of warm water with one squirt liquid hand soap, orangewood stick or stick with plastic tipped cuticle pusher, hand towel, emory board, 3 or 4-way buffer, Q-tips, polish remover, base coat (Stickey by Creative or similar), polish of your choice, top coat, UV nail dryer.

  1. Soak fingertips in bowl of warm, soapy water for 3 or 4 minutes.
  2. Remove from water and using orangewood stick or cuticle pusher, gently push cuticles back. Rinse. Dry with hand towel, pushing cuticles back with towel.
  3. File edges of nails with emory board, going in one direction. Don’t saw back and forth as it tears the nail.
  4. Buff nails using 3 or 4-way buffer, following steps numbered on buffer.
  5. Rinse hands to remove residue. Dry thoroughly.
  6. Dip Q-tip in polish remover and rub over each nail.
  7. Apply thin layer of base coat. Let set one minute.
  8. Apply two thin coats polish, waiting one minute between coats.
  9. Apply thin layer of top coat.
  10. Place hands under UV dryer for several minutes until set.

Useful tips: Store nail polish in refrigerator. Remove and let reach room temperature before using. Roll polish bottle between your palms, never shake it. Don’t polish your nails under an a/c vent or fan. Don’t change your polish more than once a week or your nails will dry out.

Keep in mind this deals with the nails only. There are many more extras that you can do to keep your hands and feet looking great. Lotion is a must. A foot scrub or sloughing lotion massaged onto feet keeps them smooth. Pumice stones aren't a good idea as they really only make the skin tougher.

This post was inspired by a post over on livejournal on the hip_domestics forum. I realized that many people don't know the proper steps to follow for a professional manicure.


Sexy Soccamom said...

I'm so bad about home manicures. Usually the left hand looks good, but I can't polish my right hand at all.

Nina said...

Fortunately for me I've always been ambidextrous. But it's so much nicer when someone else does it. I've always wished I had girlfriends who were the type to sit around and have a spa night. That would be so cool. In nail tech school and after we always did each others nails. That was nice.